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Dragon 938
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Dragon 938


Product advantages
1: It adopts the national famous brand engine, the power is strong, the work is reliable, and the energy is high. (Engine optional: Dongfanghong, Yuchai, Yunnei, Quanchai)
2: Reinforced cast steel wheel side deceleration bridge, four-wheel wheel reducer drive, excellent steel thickening pressing rim; wide-base engineering off-road tire 16/70-24, large adhesion, small grip pressure, slope strong ability:
3: European-style streamlined double-top cab with new steel structure, equipped with audio, wide field of view, shock absorption and noise reduction, ergonomic mechanical suspension damping seat, can be installed according to user needs
4: The structural parts of the whole vehicle adopt advanced anti-rust treatments such as pickling, phosphating and shot blasting, and adopt domestic famous engineering paints. Fully enclosed cooling system, effectively reducing the oil temperature of the engine and hydraulic system,
High machine life
5: The excavation force is large, the high-level unloading is automatically leveled, the working time of the working device is shortened, and the working efficiency of the whole machine is improved.
6: Aluminum disc brake, high braking efficiency,
7: The frame structure uses finite element analysis technology, and the working force is used to enhance the stiffness and strength structure:
8: The transmission parts are arranged separately, and the fuel tank has an active link function for convenient maintenance.
The main parameters
Rated load mass(kg) 3800
Machine quality(kg) 5860
engine model 4108Pressurization
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 1.5
rated power(kw) 75
Rated speed(r/min) 2400
Unloading height(mm) 3600
Unloading distance(mm) 1500
Tire specifications 16/70-24
Shape ruler(mm) 7000*2100*3200



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