How to choose a loader

1, the choice of models: mainly based on the job site and use to select and determine. According to the structure of the walking system, it is mainly tire type and crawler type. Generally, it is used in soft bases or poor roads, and most of them use crawler loaders. The multi-select wheel loaders with better working conditions are light in weight, fast in speed, flexible in mobility, high in efficiency, and not easy to damage the road surface. use.
2, the choice of power: generally use engineering machinery with diesel engines, operating in special areas, such as altitudes above 3000m, special high-profile diesel engines should be used.
3, the choice of transmission type: small and medium loaders mainly have two transmission modes, one is mechanical transmission; the second is hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic transmission can be steplessly regulated and easy to operate. The loader is equipped with a hydraulic torque converter, which eliminates the main clutch and has automatic adaptability, which greatly reduces the number of shifts, which not only reduces the driver's fatigue but also improves the loading. The average running speed of the machine and the passing performance of the loader.